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Finland Festivals

Finland Festivals Association brings together the finest festival experiences in Finland, providing music for all tastes, together with the most fascinating dance, theatre, literature, visual art, film and children’s cultural events. Finland Festivals is a non-profit organisation that serves the culture and tourism sector, focusing on representing the collective interests of festivals, marketing and public relations, information gathering, research and training.

Finland Festivals works to improve operating conditions for festivals and to influence government policy in its sector by establishing close ties with parties that formulate relevant public policy.

Finland Festivals assists in promoting festival events in Finland and abroad, negotiating partnership agreements for its members and improving their expertise by organising training, consulting, networking events and brainstorming. Finland Festivals provides a collective voice for the festival sector and serves as a leading specialist and unparalleled information source to be consulted whenever policy decisions are taken that affect festival operations.

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Eerikinkatu 3 B

Kai Amberla
Executive Director
+358 40 551 5752

Minna Syri
Information Coordinator
+358 40 552 7937