Pellinge Music Festival, Porvoo

8 August 2024 – 11 August 2024 | Porvoo

Founded in 2016 by the renowned opera singer Monica Groop, this splendid festival delivers a versatile programme at venues in the Pellinge archipelago and at Porvoo Cathedral, including chamber music, lighter music such as songs, jazz and folk, and concerts for children. Leading artists from Finland will be joined by gifted young performers in a programme structured around a theme composer or contemporary topic, with dramatised performances that include poetry, song and dance.

Classical Music  | 
Chamber music
Classical music

Konserttipaikat / Concert Venues

Skärgårdshemmet, Nyckelvikintie 5, 07370 Pellinki
Solhälla, Tullandintie 56, 07370 Pellinki
Pyhän Olavin kappeli, Hörbergintie 15, 07370 Pellinki